Green Mountain College
Master's in Sustainable Food Systems
Turning Traditions Into Markets:
Study Tour 2017

Course participants traveled to Kyrgyzstan located in Central Asia, a global hotspot for agricultural biodiversity, and collaboratively traced and mapped food traditions from their nomadic-pastoral origins to current local food systems with home garden agroecosystems at their foundation. The itinerary included portions of the Silk Road, traditional food production systems, traditional and modern markets (bazaars), and a dramatic landscape dominated by the Tian Shan mountain range and Lake Issyk-kul.

Preliminary map depicting data collection site in the village of Tamga

Trip Facilitators: Dr. Robin Currey, Daria Toguzbaeva, Munara Muratalieva, and Dr. John Van Hoesen
Participants: Danica Abejon, Micah Alden, Sean Flaherty, Jennifer Halpin, Claire Londagin, Colin Mahoney, Ashley Pierce, Taryn Skinner, and Laura Valentine

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View of the Tian Shan looking south from the Karakol animal market

Extending the shelf life of perishable goods:
Nomadic, semi-nomadic and sedentary perspectives on food preservation in Kyrgyzstan

Created by Jennifer Haplin

Food Production, Processing and Preservation

Created by Sean Flaherty

Traveling With Nomadic Kyrgyz

Created by Micah Alden

Soil Fertility Management in Kyrgyzstan

Created by Colin Mahoney

What We Carry With Us:
Pests & Diseases of Food Plants

Created by Laura Valentine

Created by Danica Abejon

Food Waste in the Kyrgyz Supply Chain

Click here to explore this StoryMap created by Taryn Skinner

A Brief Overview of Livestock and Their Importance in Kyrgyzstan

Created by Ashley Pierce